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Greg Haight's Law Firm

Notwithstanding the ill feelings that many people have towards lawyers most of us are pretty good folk trying to represent our clients the best we can. I plan to surround myself with only the best lawyers and only those lawyers who share the same vision. Our address may change, the number of lawyers may change the name of the firm may change but the prime directive will never change.

This law firm operates with an additional rule which we call our prime directive and that is “always do what's best for the client.” That includes keeping the client up to date on what's going on, giving your client the best advice you can even when the client doesn't want to hear it and lastly being careful with the client’s money and not operating as if you're in the business of selling billable hours. 

​Thank you for visiting this website. Now, let's talk about lawyers and how I practice law and how the future members of this law firm will practice law. As you may know there are hundreds if not thousands of ethics rules for lawyers and most lawyers could not off of the top of their head name half of them and we are no exception.